We build D2C brands from the scratch by leveraging technology and data science.

Cross-continental brand builder

We do not discriminate when it comes to trending CPGs. Our teams of experts are composed of teammates who deeply understand the global market scene. With our strategies and specialties, we morph trending CPGs into brands and successfully break into the global market.

Agile data-driven worker

We talk data. From the testing phase to the result phase, there is no step where data analysis has been left out. Our success rate of attracting consumers, therefore, is high due to making thorough data driven decisions at every step we take.

Multicultural team of experts

We excel at finessing our brands to fit the best in various cultural settings. Our teammates with diverse backgrounds from Europe, Oceania, North America to Asia truly contribute to overcome the cultural barriers and to make our brands thrive in consumer’s everyday life all around the world.

Efficient & Effective

We are fast executors in both testing and launching our brands so that every hour we work counts. The end results are often effective by engaging proven

data that point us to the right direction from the start. Plus, our constant communication throughout the work process makes sure that every idea has been heard and been thought over. The accessible environment for communication is the key to our efficiency and effectiveness, as we all strive to produce the most efficient and effective results at all times.

Influencer Marketing

Our network of 800+ influencers across different industries and our proprietary CRM platform allows you to efficiently and effectively scale influencer campaigns.