Performance Marketer


- Analyze the performance of existing online advertisements and make data-driven


- Complete content creation including copywriting and image/video editing for ad 


- Set up, monitor, and optimize FB/IG/Pinterest/Google advertising campaigns from start

   to finish

- Analyze social media buys and associated metrics on a daily basis to ensure profitability

- Collaborate with marketing teams to guide A/B creative tests, incrementality tests, and 

   spend scaling tests on campaigns online to identify what works best

- Analyze web metrics, provide campaign effectiveness reports, and implement 


- Perform competitive research of effective ads in similar niches

- Be able to take a strategic approach to leverage customer insights to better segment,

   target, and reach potential customers in the future.


- Fluent English proficiency

- Strong analytical skills with an emphasis on optimization

- Self-starter that shows strong initiative and passion for digital marketing

- Expertise in conceiving, testing, and optimizing ad copies

- Strong written and verbal communication skills

- Proven ability to be proactive

- Ability to think critically

- A passion for growing businesses

Working condition:

- Full-time 
- Salary: negotiable

Office Location: 1 min away from Gangnam station exit 4, Seoul

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Thank you very much for your interest in advance.